Council’s correct!

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EDITOR – Still it rumbles on. I must applaud the East Lindsey District Council’s planning committee on their decision to reject Lindum’s £50million project.

I doubt it would ever be anywhere near £50million.

I applaud for the reason that no amount of investment in social, low cost, affordable housing, whatever you like to call it, in Mablethorpe will ever re-generate the area, as there currently very little other than seasonal trade to sustain it.

What would sustain an influx of another 100 families? The state to a greater than lesser degree I suspect.

Economically you have to provide sustainable employment, i.e. industry, manufacturing etc, in the area first. Then, once you have the employment stream you invite the employees. It’s called putting the horse before the cart, what Lindum seem not to be doing.

They are primarily affordable housing builders (and very successful at that), but what they certainly are not are urban re-generators.

Once completed and they have gone, the local community would have still the same problem – many more jobseekers than jobs, and the same urban spiral of decay would continue.

If Lindum were serious about re-generating the area why not put the £50million into our empty industrial site. Set up a college for teaching, say the building trade, motor trade, furniture trade – do something really useful with the money. Or into the infrastructure; without good road access nothing will come to Mablethorpe except those with nowhere else to go.

Urban generation is not just about a few low-cost houses, a pub, a garage, a supermarket and a care facility and overloading the local amenities and services.

Those on the committee of supporters should really take a hard look at the facts. Business, jobs, sustainable employment is the re-generator, not social engineering.

More economics than ideology is required in Mablethorpe.


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