Council’s decision supports majority view

EDITOR – How gratifying to see that ELDC planning committee, with its vote against the Gayton le Marsh windfarm, is supporting the majority of local people who do not want 115m-high concrete monstrosities towering over their properties (that’s about 20 times higher than the average telegraph pole).

Mr Norris, of Renewable UK commented (Leader, June 27) that the democratic way forward should be to judge each single application on its merits, but for this to work there need to be criteria for judgment and, as LCC and ELDC are well aware, these include the overall number of windfarms, i.e. the cumulative effect.

For the benefit of the windfarm companies, here is a little story to illustrate the point: Mr Bloggs thinks it’s a nice, green idea to plant a tree in his garden. He is approached by a man who sells him a tree.

This man is followed by 100 others, all begging him to buy a tree: “You must judge each tree on its own merits: this nice sapling is ideal for your garden,” so he buys and plants 100 trees in his little garden. Doh!

Who do these companies think they are kidding?


West View, Yarburgh