Count your chickens... and keep them off the road

EDITOR – I hope the person who knocked down and killed the stray hen on the road near my house on Friday morning is feeling very proud of themselves.

Most drivers were slowing down or pulling around her but her luck finally ran out.

She had been living in and around our front garden since Monday, roosting and laying behind a large plant, encouraged no doubt by the chicken feed we were providing.

Despite my best efforts in trying to keep her away from the road I could not watch her constantly and we had decided to catch her when she went to roost. We were then going to try and introduce her to our own hen or find a new home for her.

She had only to get through one more day but sadly it wasn’t to be.

I would like to urge all owners of domestic chickens to keep them from wandering on grass verges where, unfortunately, their lives are at risk as they have no road sense. I have seen drivers deliberately kill pheasants on the road by accelerating toward them so why should someone’s pet chicken be spared?

We will be laying her to rest in our garden with all our other pets and have four lovely eggs that she kindly left us to remember her by.

We had called her ‘Gingy’.


Main Road, Withern