Credit where it’s due: well done to Louth!

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EDITOR – Those who have read my past letters will know that, in general, I am like the Victor Meldrew of Louth. However, as a break with tradition, I would like to praise Louth and say how pleased I am to live here.

Saturday, March 31: Louth was abuzz with happy shoppers and the market and high street shops appeared to be doing a roaring trade – just when the latest petrol shortage scare would have kept many at home.

It was noticeable also that all the shops were open – unlike many towns where up to 25 per cent have closed. The whole atmosphere was alive and cheerful – and long may it remain so.

The purpose of this letter is to pass a message to all the ‘progressives’ who want to see a large out-of-town supermarket in Louth.

My answer to this is ‘no’.

We are reasonably well equipped with both supermarket type shops plus a wide range of butchers, greengrocers and specialist food shops. Louth is steadily becoming unique and will attract an increasing number of visitors.

Louth is special – let’s keep it that way and not spoil it by sucking the life out of it with out-of-town supermarkets. I would suggest that those who want to change Louth to be like a thousand and one other towns in England should consider moving to a place where they would be happier.

Malcolm Bouchier

Park Row, Louth