Customers are such a nuisance

EDITOR – I noticed your article on the possible closure of the Royal Mail delivery office in Mablethorpe (Stamped out – April 4).

This could be a very difficult situation for the many elderly/disabled folks living in the area.

I appreciate that redelivery can be arranged, but some people do not want to have to wait in for the vagaries of the postal delivery times, or have doctor’s appointments, etc, and find it convenient to collect as and when it suits.

Having to go to Alford for collecting would be a gross affront to those who live in the Mablethorpe delivery area.

Think again Royal Mail, you are slowly trying to stop us using the mail, by closing sub-offices, putting up the price of stamps and now, probably, making it more difficult to collect our mail.

It is a wonder that Royal Mail have not got their own e-mail service ( to persuade us finally to stop writing letters.

We, the customers, do appear to be such a nuisance!