Cut in recycling centre hours a backwards step

EDITOR – Hot on the heels of the introduction of the new registration number car park machines by ELDC (letters March 14), encouraging more people to abandon Louth as a shopping centre, comes the news that Lincolnshire County Council is to close its recycling centres for nearly half the week!

I find it unbelievable that this could be hailed in any way as a success, despite Coun Strange’s enthusiasm (Leader March 14).

My experience at Louth Recycling Centre is that it is a valuable and well-used facility, staffed by friendly, helpful people.

The ‘successful re-tendering process’ will no doubt annoy many people with this outcome and may even encourage fly-tipping, which already costs the council tax payers dearly.

It seems to be yet another example of penny-pinching cuts and reduction of services dressed up as progress and good management in a bleak financial climate.

Mike Church

Mill Lane, Louth