Development a benefit to all

EDITOR – Re: the Golf Road development in Mablethorpe.

I am in favour of this development. If it gets the go-ahead it will be a golden opportunity for Mablethorpe to be given the new lease of life it greatly needs if it is not to fall further into decline.

Out of season Mablethorpe resembles a wild west ghost town. This development would mean people in Mablethorpe would shop in Mablethorpe instead of going to Louth and Skegness or even further afield.

It would become more attractive to visitors and bring in much-needed jobs that are not seasonal. If Lindum are willingly prepared to invest money into this site it should be given the full support of East Lindsey Council and the local residents.

Surely it is of benefit to all of us.

Mrs J Day

Hillside Avenue, Sutton on Sea