Development plans would bring huge issues to coast

EDITOR – I have just been looking at the new development proposed for Mablethorpe.

When social considerations are taken into account, this could bring great problems to the area in and around Mablethorpe.

A new supermarket could drain custom from small shops – possibly affecting Alford, already run down, and Sutton too.

Also, it could prove a ‘ghetto of the elderly’.

Mablethorpe is not Brighton or Bournemouth with its high standard of expensive housing, shopping, restaurants and pubs because of their high percentage of wealthy pensioners.

People attracted to the area would not be a ‘healthy’ number of young families; no work, high unemployment (apart from a new supermarket).

Most of the property will be bought by the last of the property-buying elderly. The housing minister just likes the look of his figures and will not be around for the outcomes.

Over the years the demographic of the area would prove a disaster for old and young.

With Government cutbacks to already-cut NHS budgets, pensioners will certainly not prosper over the next ten years. I’m sure the developer will give the idea that housing turnover will be good for resale values in the future; he will be recouping now.

However, the financial failure now in progress will leave the next generation of pensioners devoid of the property boom like those living in this area now, progressively inheriting bad social social services, transport – already a problem for some when attending hospital – and quickly-falling living standards.

This is apart from putting aside flooding, again an unknown factor with the prospect of increasing cyclonic weather affecting the sea on this exposed coast, which now seems to be ignored.


Crawcroft Lane, Huttoft