Development will add to burden

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EDITOR - Congratulations to Simon Tighe for his campaign opposing a new, huge housing development in his neighbourhood! Such developments are merely a means for the proposers to make eye wateringly enormous profits without consideration to any negative effects the plans might have on the surrounding communities.

The developer argues that the plans are in accord with current regulations. However, residents at Riverhead had their homes recently flooded by extra water from a nearby, new housing development.

Apparently the developer who built those homes defended themselves by saying they had followed the correct planning and legal channels.

Obviously, such channels/regulations are neither sufficiently rigorous nor stringent in their sphere of responsibility and thus provide no security or safeguards for residents already living in an area.

LCC reports that the main trend at present is a continued rise in primary rolls and that more children are missing out on their preferred choice due to pressure on numbers. In the secondary sector many schools are oversubscribed.

So the planned contribution to schools would not appear to be anywhere near sufficient to compensate for the increased pressure on local schools. This massive development will only add to the already existing burden from the current local population demands.

Have those folk who appear so blasé about the proposed traffic plans for the area even been there? Try driving around that area at about 4pm on a weekday – I say ‘driving’ actually, what I mean is sitting around in a car, waiting to be able to move a few feet every few minutes.

The road network cannot cope with the traffic flow at present without wanting to add to it with the misery of several hundred more cars and pedestrians. Please support the opposition to this plan.

Iris Dainton

South Somercotes