Display was a cracker

EDITOR – A very big well done to the organisation and all the volunteers involved in yet another fantastic firework display, held at Deighton Close on Saturday, November 5.

For some of those people who attended, however, it is disappointing that they also don’t share my appreciation of the hard work involved.

There were plenty of areas for litter to be correctly placed, rather than just discarded on the floor.

Driving to and from the town centre both on Saturday and Sunday, volunteers were on site for a number of hours preparing and then clearing up after the event for our enjoyment.

Most of us were there for the event lasting three hours maximum, but for those volunteers, no doubt it took even longer clearing up after the litter-bugs.

We chose to walk down to the display from the village of South Elkington, and on leaving the display I was also appalled at the irresponsible drivers who chose to park completely covering the pavement, from the roundabout leading up to the ‘Lincoln fork’, leaving us with no choice but to walk on the road, including children.

Perfectly adequate parking was provided for those who wished or needed to drive to the event. Those drivers should be ashamed of themselves.

Whilst they were loading their children into their cars, they were clearly not thinking of those others needing to use the footpath.

Not a good example to show to our children, But yet again, thank you very much to all those who made it a thoroughly enjoyable evening despite some people inconsiderate actions.

Joanne Thompson

High Street, South Elkington