Do military officers really warrant a discount?

I WRITE regarding the letter published in The Standard calling for discount for military personnel akin to that received by students.

I would like to state that I do support all of our armed services, and whether you believe the conflicts we as a nation have been involved are legal or not, I feel we have a duty to support our troops on the frontline regardless.

And I am sure there are plenty who would be more than happy to send parcels of support to our serving men and woman who are away from home.

However, I was somewhat taken aback when I got to the end of the letter to read it had been submitted by a Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer Coates, yes, a Chief Petty Officer no less!

Do you know how much Navy Chief Petty Officers earn?

A quick search on the MOD’s website reveals that they get paid anywhere from £33,223 to £43,251!

Now, for this area I would imagine this is a far from petty wage, especially during these ‘austere’ times. And to ask for discount on top of this…well, what can I say? There are many on much lower wages, struggling to make ends meet, who just get on with their day-to-day lives without asking for handouts.

No doubt when Chief Petty Officer Coates comes out of the Navy they will be given a nice pensions package as well…but have no fear should this not be enough, they can always look forward to OAP discount when they get to the required age!