Do we need a Tesco?

EDITOR – Re: Wasted opportunity for store – March 28. A Lowe, what is it you need that only Tesco can provide?

I find everything I need within Mablethorpe and Sutton.

Are you complaining at the price?

Maybe if you shopped locally and gave locals business they could bring the price down. But for some reason I doubt being that much of a tiny support to your community would be too much of a burden.

Miss Maginnis of Church Lane (Too difficult to clean up mess – March 28), what is stopping you from returning after your ‘trotting’ ride with a bucket and spade and picking up your golden ‘manure’ that is so good for you?

It’s your duty in riding along a public places to be responsible for its leavings.

I will remember the tip that horse manure doesn’t have diseases; I’ll be sure to pick up some and rub it on my skin, as it is so good for me.


Rutland Road, Mablethorpe