Do you have our interests at heart?

EDITOR – Most of us in Mablethorpe believed East Lindsey District Council was there to do their very best for this town and its people.

These latest decisions have shattered what little faith we had in them.

The decision by ELDC to reject a £50million project in Mablethorpe reaches the depths of incompetence. In the opinion of many people in this town, the decision was made by a load of amateurs.

How dare Neil Cooper go on the radio and spout about where the work would come from for the people who would occupy the houses that are to be built on this site. Does this mean anyone out of work will have to sleep on the streets?

When this project is built it will supply employment in the five years it will take to complete – and possibly a few apprenticeships may be gained for the youth of the town – and regenerate the shops for a while, with the extra spending and accommodation in the town.

It will then supply permanent employment in the supermarket, the college, the filling station and the pub. And that’s more jobs than we have had in this town for a long time.

Mr Cooper, the chairman of the planning committee, was also talking about traffic problems with the Lindum development. What a load of old cobblers!

With the vote in favour of a Tesco FOOD STORE ONLY (10 to one for in principle) on the High Street (which is our town centre: we don’t want it changing and it already suffers real traffic problems, not imaginary ones) ELDC planning are about to more than double that problem without batting an eyelid. They did know about it because I wrote to every councillor on that committee and explained the problems in detail.

I think the only reason for this decision was to get rid of the sports centre with no regard for the wishes or well being of the town.

Now we have the chance of a £50million project coming to this town. We are determined the answer is not going to be no, even if we have to take it to the very top.



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