Don’t brand our kids wrongly

EDITOR – My son is one of the ‘intimidating gang’ who meet on the old Browns land on Newmarket with their BMXs and scooters. I have sat for many hours watching these kids practising their stunts and tricks and I have never felt intimidated or even seen any behaviour that would warrant a member of the public to feel intimidated.

A lot of these kids are really talented and they don’t gather there to cause problems, they go there because there is nowhere else for them to go in this prehistoric town.

Every time there’s a hint that we’re actually moving into the 21st century, like most other towns, the miserable older folk who have nothing better to do than critisise put a stop to it because apparently it will spoil the town’s reputation and stop people wanting to visit.

We can’t live in the Dark Ages forever, and if we don’t move with the times, more and more people will go out of town to do everything.

As for the Newmarket kids, maybe if they had a proper place to go and practise then they wouldn’t have to gather on the piece of ‘unused’ land.

Next time you have nothing better to do maybe you should do some research and you will find that these are specialised sports and there are BMX teams and stunt scooter teams which compete worldwide. These people are very talented and very committed to what they do.

People are too quick to judge kids these days; just because these kids gather on the unused land doesn’t mean they are causing trouble, damaging anything or intimidating anyone... in fact all the kids I’ve met and spoke to up at Browns have been polite, happy kids and are more likely to offer to post a prescription through the doctor’s door for you than hurt you.

Is there any wonder kids these days have attitudes and lose all motivation when they get judged and branded as troublecausers without doing anything wrong.

Maybe if the small-minded people of this town were as polite and sociable as these kids Louth would be a nicer place to live...

J Jackson

Monks Dyke Road, Louth