Don’t dump if bins are full... take mess home

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EDITOR – In response to the article about dog bins (Leader August 31), I have to say that in our village of Aby the dog bin and two waste bins are emptied at least weekly and very often twice weekly.

However, there are a couple of dog owners in this village who not only allow their dogs to foul the grass verges outside of properties, but also outside the village hall – where there is a waste bin.

Last week right underneath the bin was a little present left for somebody else to clear up. Today another pressie, again left only a few yards from the bin.

Obviously this irresponsible and lazy owner doesn’t carry bags with them, so thinks somebody else is going to do it for them. Of course this has to be done before grass cutting can happen.

As to the overflowing bin in the article, what sort of mentality leaves the poo bags underneath the bin. Are these owners incapable of carrying the bag to the nearest waste bin, or even home with them?

Of course they should highlight that the bin is not being emptied, but come on, just leaving it on the ground. How lazy is that!

Yes, I am a dog owner, and I always clear up after my dog.

Jan Lewandowski

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