Doubts over plan

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EDITOR – How much will Mablethorpe actually benefit from £1,040,000 Section 106 Agreement?

I wish to make some observations on the four-page advertisment by Lindum in last week’s Leader. Certain people think that Lindum are spending £50m in Mablethorpe town.

This is incorrect. It is actually the development on Golf Road which is costing £50m.

£1,040,00 is promised under a Section 106 Agreement.

It may look impressive, but let’s take a closer look at the figures.

£40,000 for a feasibility study into a pool... great idea, but remember ELDC have said that they will not build or fund the running of a pool, and Lindum have not said that they will either.

£5,000 for town plan. £20,000 for signage and information about flood evacuation procedures.

The majority, £875,000 will be paid to ELDC for capital works, not to the town of Mablethorpe.

Land to be gifted by Lindum is a 3.13-acre sports area, focal art point and drop-off area for an entrance to the Primary School.

Paul McSorley states that ELDC were informed that Lincolnshire County Council does not have the money to carry out works on the school entrance, and that ELDC could use the capital works money to fund this project.

How much will this cost? What about the other gifted land projects? Do you really think ELDC will have enough money in the capital works pot to pay for new sports area and focal point too? If not, all we will be left with is parcels of derelict waste land.

Also, Lincolnshire County Council have continuously stated that they are not prepared to fund the extra care facility, so what will happen to that?

My final observation is actually a question... how much will Mablethorpe actually benefit from this £1,040,000?

Answer... NOT A LOT!

Kim Parrinder


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