East Lindsey’s planning decision was the best thing for Mablethorpe

EDITOR – I think the East Lindsey District Council ruling on Lindum should be upheld.

Just why do we need an out-of-town supermarket, pub, petrol station and 150-odd houses?

As we have seen so often before, much of the labour would be brought into town by Lindum, leaving just the odd labouring job. What apprenticeships would a supermarket, a petrol station and a pub bring to our youngsters?

And what about the houses that are to be built? They are saying it would be local people moving in to them, so who will be moving into the flats, houses, bedsits etc that these local people move out from?

It is a really bad idea. Just think of all the congestion at the Golf Road outlet on to the High Street or on to all the other side roads.

And what about all the hundreds, if not thousands, of lorries that further decimate all roads leading into Mablethorpe, bringing all the hardcore to raise up the land by two metres.

I think it’s a bad idea and it will not benefit most of the local population at all, maybe just a select few.


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