Employment opportunities are the key to reviving town

EDITOR – Call me thick or even stupid, but I cannot see how building 200-plus ‘affordable homes’ is going to regenerate Mablethorpe.

Please show me how.

I agree we really need a regeneration programme, but one that puts jobs before homes, then we can import the labour by a inducement of employment and housing.

There is not enough employment locally to feed the needs of the existing population – well, those who want to work – as it is.

The builders would import their own staff and the project last two years say. A garage wouldn’t employ that many, nor a supermarket, nor a public house for that matter.

The housing project wouldn’t support any generation of employment, only possibly income from other authorities supplying residents on a bounty system, to the financial benefit of the local authority.

Get your heads out of the sand, wake up and smell the coffee, THINK it out logically and stop trying to tow the party line.

Without major employment/industry in the area, bringing a project like the Golf Road project is just going to exacerbate the existing situation.

The only people gaining will be Lindum.


Queen’s Park Close, Mablethorpe