End of Fairway eaterie is a sad day for our town

EDITOR – I find that I have to put pen to paper having just heard that Mablethorpe is yet again on the brink of losing a much-loved asset.

The asset I speak of is the Fairway Restaurant, an establishment I have had the privilege to frequent almost since the day it opened.

On entry you are often greeted by the owner himself, one of the most likeable and entertaining people it has been my honour to meet.

You may be, as I am, a regular client or just someone casually looking in for the first time. But you will be guaranteed that you will be treated like a long-lost friend by the ever-pleasant staff who will do everything possible to meet your needs, be they dietary or physical.

I have had functions catered for there and seen many happy customers after parties held there.

I was even in the planning stage for my grandson’s christening to be held there.

With great service and excellent cuisine I shall, as will many, be looking at a bleak new year without it.

What, pray, will replace this gem? More arcade space, a new gift shop perhaps or maybe the ever popular charity shop?

Oh the joys of progress in Mablethorpe never cease to surprise me.

So with a sad heart and an empty stomach I say goodbye and good luck to Graham and all his staff for the good food, good service and unforgettable entertainment.


Fitzwilliam Street, Mablethorpe