Energy ‘statistics’ are pure propaganda

EDITOR – I read with interest James Pocklington’s letter purporting to bring ‘good news’, regarding power generation provided by wind turbines.

James has lifted this information, which is nothing less than a press release copied directly from the website of the British Wind Energy Association, (recently re-branded as Renewables UK).

The link can be found at

BWEA is a commercial trade organisation whose main purpose is to lobby the Government and to promote the huge proliferation of inefficient wind turbines throughout the UK.

I would honestly share James’s enthusiasm and be incredibly happy to read of a report that a significant percentage the UK’s energy production WAS being produced by clean, efficient, cost-effective, reliable renewable energy available when demand requires.

Renewable energy that could be produced through sensibly targeted investment in new home-grown UK companies, developing new technology, with on-going manufacturing capacity, providing real huge long-term job opportunities and global exporting potential which the UK economy desperately needs for ALL our futures.

The main available option to increase efficiency of present large-scale wind turbines, which at very, very best are reported to only generate energy for less than 30 per cent of their potential output, is to scale them up. Wind turbines are currently being manufactured and installed by mainly non-UK developers with no significant long-term job opportunities.

Even the heavily-subsidised profits are largely benefiting non-UK companies.

This is why turbines are set to become larger and larger, at over 170 metres high, which will have massive impact on the Lincolnshire countryside.

The turbines at Mablethorpe and Conisholme are just mere little babies (they will be replaced) compared to those soon to enter the planning system.

Please remember... No Wind = No Power. The Wrong Wind Speed = Little or No Power.

Too much Wind = Turbines have to be switched off and the developers are being paid not to produce power – £25 million last year.

In strong a wind, turbines can catch fire and even topple over. Even worse, and generally not publicised, wind turbines even use power from the Grid when there is no wind to keep the blades turning for lubrication.

When there is not enough wind, as last winter, the coldest for 25 years, back-up conventional power is always needed = £10 billion to be spent building 17 new gas-fired power stations.

Melvin Grosvenor