Engaging with the young will be of benefit to us all

EDITOR – In response to the letter regarding the Riverhead litter, I am in total agreement that it is becoming a problem, especially around the old swimming pool area.

I have noticed that young children on their way to and from school like to run across the area to the old entrance to the pool. Please be aware that there is broken glass – and goodness knows what else – lying about!

Unfortunately, litter is not the only problem in the area. There are a number of groups of youths who like to congregate in said areas.

I have recently seen them climbing on roofs, lighting fires, throwing mud/stones around, all of which have been reported to the police who, I must add, have been excellent in their response.

There does seem to be a problem in this area of town and it needs nipping in the bud.

I have a young family myself and it is such a shame to see this sort of mindless behaviour from children not much older than my own.

However, it is the minority of children who are causing the problems.

They need interests and focus, which the town seems to be lacking.

I know we can’t help them all but we have to try.

After all, this is the future of Louth!

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