Exercise horse elsewhere

EDITOR – After reading the letter from Leanne Maginnis (March 28), I can only express disbelief at her selfish attitude.

Several years ago, residents complained about horse excrement on the beach at Sandilands. Mr Richards, our councillor at the time, contacted the council about the concerns.

He received a letter that stated riders needed a permit to take horses on the beach and one of the conditions of the permit was to clean up any horse excrement deposited.

It is very wrong for dog owners to fail to clean up when their animals foul the beach or promenade and they are rightly fined when caught.

There is an even greater need to clean up after horses because the volumes are significantly larger.

The filth is being deposited in areas where young children play in the summer months, digging in the sand and very often using their hands. Children are not aware of the hidden mess because sand has often been blown over it.

As far as health is concerned it needs to be pointed out to Ms Maginnis that there has long been an association between tetanus, e-coli and horse faeces.

If Leanne Maginnis reads the terms of her permit to ride a horse on the beach, she will learn that she must clean up after it.

If this is too difficult for her, then I suggest she exercises her horse elsewhere.


The Moorings, Sandilands