Fail to see how it can improve ‘townscape’

EDITOR - I write with regard to the proposed development of the existing car park site on Eastgate as reported in the Leader.

It seems to me that this is a further unnecessary proposal which seeks to ‘improve’ on something which requires no improvement. I am reminded of the ghastly development of the site which is now occupied by the New Market Hall, which we were told would greatly improve the town centre and which has singularly failed to deliver anything which the Old Market Hall could not have delivered immeasurably better and in a more in-keeping, architecturally sympathetic manner.

This seems to be an exercise in ‘empty space management’ where a development company from the other side of the country are seeking to create profit for themselves at the expense of our local facilities. This is a company which doubtless has little or no knowledge of Louth and its needs or indeed, its unique character. Additionally, they are not going to have to live with this nonsensical ‘development’ once it has been permanently inflicted on the town.

Louth has no need for ‘retail parks’ in the town centre and has an existing surplus of retail space lying unused. What Louth does need however is sensible parking enforcement and the provision of more car parking facilities generally.

I fail to see how this proposal can do anything to improve the townscape and moreover, fear it will do much to aggravate the existing issues with parking, traffic flow etc quite apart from it being aesthetically dull, unimaginative and based upon a need to create profit rather than improve the quality of our town.

Adam Caulton

Ramsgate, Louth