Follow tips for pomegranates at your peril!

EDITOR – Oh dear, if anyone follows the tip on how to prepare a pomegranate you may find yourself being sued for redecoration of some readers’ kitchens!

My tip is to not cut it in half but roll it as a whole fruit on the worktop or a board under a certain amount of pressure from one’s hand and then cut – over a bowl, collecting the juice and then the seeds.

Of course, growing up in Nottingham the first weekend in October brought the excitement of the arrival of Goose Fair and pomegranates and coconuts in the local shop.

Think of the Health and Safety issue. We’d eat some of our half pomegranate by pricking out the seeds with a safety pin from the sewing box – I’m sure in some households a baby’s nappy pin would have been used . We’d then leave it on one side for a while, during which time the safety pin had started to rust... but we’d carry on regardless until it was just an empty half-shell.

And there was no mention then of how valuable nutritionally the juice was.

Lovely memories eh!

Margaret Claxton

St Mary’s Park, Louth