Get together to clear the pond

EDITOR – I have been following with interest news of the damaged pond in St Mary’s Park, Mablethorpe.

I wondered, unless health and safety put a spanner in the works, if locals with the ‘community spirit’ shown sometimes only by volunteers (many hands make light work) could form a team to help to clear the mud etc, free of charge, out of the existing pond before the spring, as by then the frogs etc will be laying spawn – even if there is only a few inches of water left.

The promised new liner could then be fitted by those who know how and the pond, re-filled by rainfall and melting snow, would have cured itself ready for the wildlife to take over which can start as early as February.

Having worked on the land and helped with wildlife and ponds over the years, though not as an expert, I have some knowledge of how nature works.

Maybe a local firm could even help with a pump to begin with and the slurry could be spread on the grass and not used by area not used by the public to wash back into the ground feeding the shrubs and plants there while the pond is in its dormant winter state.

It would be so nice to see it back there as it has given so much pleasure to so many people, including myself, over the years in an area that is such a welcome transformation from what it was many years ago when I was at school.

It would save the council and council tax payers a lot of money and is certainly worth thinking about and, who knows, if everyone did a little bit each with a few shovels and wheelbarrows we could make it happen.

I’m willing to help a bit if others are and, with chatter and laughter, it would be nice if those who damaged it in the first place could help put it right as a ‘we are sorry’ but I think that’s too much to ask.