Give shoppers choice

EDITOR – Regarding the proposed supermarket study for Louth: so long as nobody involved in the study has any vested interest, and so long as the study is carried out completely impartially, this is an excellent idea.

For far too long Louth has been run by a certain minority. This has ended up with our town becoming full of charity shops, fast food takeaways and an assortment of cheapo ‘tatt’ shops. The biggest blunder is the original market hall. All the traders were thrown out and the shopping area we were promised never transpired.

Given the choice, a balance can be struck between the smaller sole trader and the High Street multiples. You only have to look at the lovely town of Beverley to see that it is truly possible. While certain insular and backwardly thinking types block supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda the result is Louth people are forced to drive to Grimsby and Cleethorpes to do their shopping and money leaves the town.

Then there are the people who cannot afford to travel, which means they lose out by paying higher prices in Louth shops which have the monopoly.

If, for instance, a Tesco or an Asda were built in Louth it would provide local jobs for local people and give the consumer more freedom of choice. It isn’t rocket science.

The cattle market is a white elephant. The weekly sales are a pale shadow of their former glory and a more modern, smaller site should be built on the industrial estate.

A supermarket would be perfect for the former site, which would also breathe new life into the Aswell Street shopping area. Access for deliveries would not be a problem as they would access the site via the London Road entrance.

Come on, let’s give Louth the chance Marshalls Yard gave Gainsborough and make the shopping experience a good one for everyone.


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