Giving an answer to objections

EDITOR – I would like to comment on some of the objections being made regarding the Tesco application in Station Road.

1) The war memorial will have to be moved. INCORRECT – The war memorial will remain where it is but with enhancement. Tesco have also agreed that the store, if built, would not open until 12 noon on Remembrance Sunday. This is with full agreement of the Royal British Legion.

2) The market will be closed. INCORRECT – It is planned, with Lincolnshire County Council’s agreement, to move the market to the High Street. This would in fact be an improvement on where it is at present.

3) The toilets would be closed. The toilets have not been open for at least two years!

4) The town would lose the car park. INCORRECT – There will be more car parking spaces than at present. Also, Tesco are proposing two hours free. At present you have to pay no matter how long you park.

5) The sports centre being moved to Stanley Avenue would cause traffic problems. I do not believe this to be the case. The use of the sports centre is intermittent; people do not turn up at the same time and many who use it walk.

6) Traffic on the High Street will increase. Yes, unfortunately, this is a fact, but Highways have looked at Tesco’s plans and agree with the planners that it will not be a problem. Would it not be better to have a busy High Street than a dead one?

7) The children’s play area will be closed. A children’s play area is proposed at the sports centre site.

I believe the addition of a Tesco store (not a Tesco Express as rumoured) in the High Street can only be a positive move forward, and maybe other stores will follow as they would see Mablethorpe as being somewhere worth investing in.

We all know that companies watch where their competitors are investing.


Grosvenor Road, Mablethorpe