Good luck!

EDITOR – I would like to congratulate the new management of Louth Tractors on their re-opening and carrying on in business (albeit without the Ltd on their signage). A brave decision in what is one of the most competitive industries in this area.

I was one of the employees of Louth Tractors Ltd and, along with all the staff on October 11 last year, was made redundant.

The company was to close at the end of the year with the loss of all jobs.

A few of us were fortunate to be offered jobs with some of Louth Tractors Ltd’s competitors. Some less so.

LIDL. Good luck in finding an alternative site. Obviously we were all led to believe that if there had been a takeover of the Louth Tractors Ltd site they would relocate and all our jobs would have been safe.

Perhaps this would have happened. Perhaps not. It’s now up to the new Louth Tractors to regain the respect the company had before the events of last year eroded over 30 years of hard work.

Colin Stubbs

Allenby Crescent, Fotherby