Good news about bank steps

EDITOR – Re Sandilands bank steps. I was delighted to hear the news that these important steps are to be replaced. There used to be three sets of steps, this is the last remaining.

They are essential for so many people not least the elderly and those with very young children.

At our beach hut at the top of the steps we regularly have elderly visitors who cannot walk as far as the car park and need to be dropped off nearer their destination.

Also mothers of young children need more than one trip to their cars to unload the days requirements, they cannot walk their children back and forth and cannot leave them unattended.

Providing the right facilities for holiday makers and residents is essential to the overall prosperity of the area.

Whilst noting that access is so important we should also reconsider why parking restrictions apply to the grass bank. I have been told by an engineer that, in his opinion, parked cars actually improve the sea defence by firming the land.

The lack of adequate car parking is a problem for any area hoping to attract visitors, and a lack of visitors inevitably has the knock on effect whereby the future of shops, public houses and restaurants is put at risk.

Richard Bonnello

Director, RWB Chartered Accountants