Grave theft dishonours dead

EDITOR – On Mother’s Day I went to the cemetery to take flowers to place on my mother’s and grandmother’s graves.

My grandparents are laid to rest next to one another and each has a matching stone pot for flowers with a metal inner piece in which to place water and the flowers.

My grandparents passed away many years ago, but my sister and I replaced the flower containers some time ago and they were sparkly and new.

To my disbelief this Sunday I found the flower pot on my grandmother’s grave had been taken and in its place left a much-worn, shabby container half-filled with stench and debris.

I hope whoever took it upon themselves to steal from someone who has been laid to rest reads this.

Also I would like to ask – how does it feel to place flowers on your loved ones’ grave knowing you have stolen the container? Could you not go out and buy one? Would your relative really want you to do such a thing? I think not.

The pot you left on my grandmother’s grave is in the bin.

I would not disgrace her by leaving it there.

Do the decent thing for your relative’s sake. Return the stolen pot and buy your own.

Name and address supplied