Headline did not reflect suffering

EDITOR – As a resident of Legbourne and a witness of the horrific accident that occurred involving a pig transporter and nearly 200 LIVE animals, I am disgusted at the headline that was used in the latest edition of The Leader.

I am not sure how you can justify your attempt at using humour to attract interest in what was a heart-wrenching and despicable episode of animal suffering.

For three hours these pigs remained trapped and slowly suffocating. Their screaming and distress would upset even the most hard-hearted person.

I am not sure whether you were actually present at the scene but those who were and witnessed the atrocity, be they residents, fire officers, police, RSPCA or environmental health, were affected by the event.

The transportation of these animals through Legbourne is a regular occurrence.

One can only be grateful that the school bus had not left or that pedestrians were not on the footpath when the lorry overturned.

Julie Baines

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