Heart-warming mower story puts those vandals to shame

EDITOR – What a heartwarming story that was about Ben (Leader April 27) and his mower and how it showed up for what they really are those brainless wasters who smashed the gravestones, set fire to chalets and broke the hearts of the staff at the Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary by killing and injuring the geese they had nursed back to health and only just released back on the lake at Queen’s Park.

If only they could take a leaf out of Ben’s book and do something CONSTRUCTIVE instead of DESTRUCTIVE, and please don’t tell me how they come from broken homes, they have no work, they are bored, they are deprived. Deranged more like.

If they got off their lazy backsides and did something useful and helpful to others like Ben has done they wouldn’t have time to be bored. That old adage is wearing thin with people now.

I come from a broken home, we were poor, but mother always found us food. It might have only been bread and dripping, which I still enjoy, or bread and jam, but none of us went out damaging property, killing things or showing disrespect to the dead for the simple reason that our mother would have given us what for and we knew that and respected her for it.

I wish they could catch them and march them round the town with a ‘look at what we’ve done’ placard round their necks and stick them in the stocks for an afternoon – and to hell with the human rights brigade.

What about our rights, the rights of the dead and the rights of those poor geese? We know the police can’t be everywhere, but at the moment they don’t seem to be anywhere and there is a very strong feeling of resentment and unrest growing among the public now.