High time dog owners cleaned up after pets

EDITOR – How interesting to read the letter regarding dogs fouling pavements (November 16) only two days before I myself experienced the same problem – not that this is an uncommon occurence.

A footpath from Sandringham Drive connecting to Mill Lane, a regular thoroughfare into town, is continually littered with dog excrement – which I know causes problems for regular users of this footpath, in particular young mothers with pushchairs and who also have other children in their charge, making it difficult to watch their every move.

Also, a friend and neighbour whose husband is confined to a wheelchair uses this path to town almost daily and has had to resort to taking newspaper to lay down over the mess so they can pass without fouling tyres and footwear.

I regularly see tyre marks through the excrement, which will all have to be cleaned simply because of irresponsible dog owners do they not realise what problems they cause simply by not spending a minute to pick up their dog’s mess.

In an ideal world we could have surveillance cameras so the offenders could be named and shamed and given hefty fines.

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