Hoping for a new start for town

EDITOR – I was also initially disappointed about the decision to stop having a celebrity to switch on Mablethorpe’s illumination’s.

However, the powers that be have made a decision, knowing that it is an unpopular one for many of us, and are unlikely to change their minds.

I think there will be a lot of pressure on the council to convince us that it is the right decision and I am therefore going to reserve judgment until after the event and hope that they are right.

I actually think that it may be time for a change and I quite like the sound of a beach fire display and also that events will be spread over two days, with something to appeal to all ages. I am sure we will all be very vocal if we are not happy with the changes!

I also feel that it would be good to have a change from firework displays which are also expensive and have something like a laser display, although maybe that would be too costly also. Fireworks upset not only animals, but also the elderly, some young children, are not good for the environment and are much the same, year in, year out.

Regarding the market, it has been a good decision to site it on the High Street and I hope that the town council will take on the responsibility for it and allow it to remain on Thursdays and not change it to Tuesday.

That would be unfair to everyone for many reasons. The suggestion to allow traders to use their own stalls and equipment sounds like a good idea and would solve the problem. However, maybe that is not an option for all stall holders. Let us hope that the right decision is made.

There seem to be some new ideas for Mablethorpe and hopefully events such as the Buskers’ Festival on August 11 will be the start of a new look for our town, let’s hope so.


Golf Road, Mablethorpe