I grew veg despite drought

EDITOR – During the 24 years I’ve lived in North Somercotes I’ve never once used a hosepipe to water my large garden where I grow lots of fruit and vegetables.

I store rainwater in large butts and always use a watering can if the need to water anything arises. Parts of the garden are kept wild with trees, bushes, shrubs and wild flowers and all kinds of birds, bumble bees etc visit the garden every day.

Neatly kept lawns with straight edges and neatly planted flower beds do not appeal to all of us and I must say I find them sterile and boring.

Despite last year’s drought I still managed to grow a wide variety of tasty vegetables and never had to buy any, and all that without needing to use a hosepipe. So just forget about them. You don’t need them.

Anthony Weedon,

North Somercotes