I’m backing council verdict

EDITOR – I very much support East Lindsey District Council on its decision not to grant planning for the Golf Road development.

The first reason that concerns me about this development is the threat of flooding. Last year, after years of study, the Environment Agency developed a strategy of preparedness for flooding along the coastal strip. Indeed, we did have an exercise called Watermark that included the town evacuation.

Some have said: ‘Well the last flood was in 1983; it is unlikely to happen again’ – that’s not what the Environment Agency said at the time, and I quote: ‘It’s not a matter of IF it is a matter of WHEN!’ If you think it will not happen again, try telling that to all the people that have suffered from natural disasters in 2011.

Lincolnshire County Council, to its credit, stated there would be no more residential building on the flood plain. I have not seen or heard anything indicating that this policy has changed.

Secondly I can see no reason for more retail development on the outside of the town. These sort of developments have been the death knell for many high streets.

At the meeting on Wednesday night supporting the development I noted many people from Sutton on Sea who will not suffer as a consequence of the building, and it does occur to me that perhaps they would be better campaigning for the development to take place in Sutton. If you mention this to them they say: ‘we don’t want anything like that here it will spoil the village’. What’s the difference?

Sutton has few retail outlets and a housing development at a standstill.

It’s noticeable how people in Sutton want to be considered part of Mablethorpe where things like this are concerned but are fiercely independent of their own identity when it suits them.

It is my opinion that the council’s decision to go ahead with Tesco in the town centre will be a big boost to high street and the town in general.

If your reader NJ Britz wishes to continue to shop in Louth, Grimsby and Boston if this development does not go ahead, good luck. I am pleased they can afford the petrol but disappointed they prefer not to support the place where they live as no doubt they do other shopping whilst visiting the supermarket?

If they go to the supermarket just to shop it just proves the point against the development outside the town. I find it hard to believe people will go to an out-of-town supermarket then get back in their car and struggle to find a parking space near the High Street.


The Strand, Mablethorpe