I would vote ‘yes’

EDITOR – Being an incomer to Mablethorpe two years ago I have watched the various views expressed in your paper weekly concerning the Lindum development in the town.

I have been against the development as I see the way forward for Mablethorpe as getting better infrastructure before housing.

After reading the adverts from Lindum in your paper last week, I realise my view was wrong and it is a no brainer for East Lindsey District Council.

The development will bring no problems, house lots of Mablethorpe residents, bring lots of jobs, a cricket pitch, help for local businesses and maybe even provide the long-awaited swimming pool.

Nevertheless, it appears Mablethorpe has hit the jackpot with this development.

Having said that, I don’t envy the councillors one bit. This is going to be one difficult decision and I have a feeling things might not turn out as rosy as Lindum suggest.

Whatever the decision I hope Mablethorpe is pleased with the outcome and the town can provide better facilities, jobs and houses for all residents, and that in the future we are a boom town. With our magnificent beach, we should be.

Over to you ELDC.



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