If noise is acceptable, why not start outside chairman’s house?

EDITOR – I am writing to highlight more ELDC lunacy that is currently diminishing the quality of life in the area.

I am referring to the awful noise at 6am every Sunday morning as an appointed ELDC minion revs up a two-stroke leaf blower along the entire length of Queen Street, starting at the bus station – thereby rudely awakening everybody on the one day of the week when a person should rightly be able to expect some peace and quiet – before chasing three leaves and an empty fag packet around the entire perimeter of Queen Street car park!

Were it a private individual revving up a scooter or car at 6am every single Sunday morning it would constitute a ‘disturbance of the peace’ and, without a doubt, attract numerous formal complaints and the interest of the local constabulary. Yet, it is somehow considered reasonable for the local council cause equal unnecessary nuisance.

There is no justification whatsoever for cleaning the bus station or Queen Street and the car park at the crack of dawn.

There are no buses on a Sunday to or from Louth, and the roads/car parks of Louth remain empty for much of the morning – only attracting limited early parking patronage on the occasional Sunday festivals we have.

It is completely reasonable for normal rubbish collections, on weekdays, to occur early because of considerations like increased commercial traffic, people travelling to school/work, and the sheer number of bins to empty with a finite fleet of dustcarts – BUT the same definitely does not apply to Sundays.

If the council STILL considers it perfectly reasonable to make a hellish and persistent racket outside people’s homes at 6am every Sunday morning, might I suggest they start right outside the home of the current ELDC chairman instead..?

Paul Osborne

Queen Street, Louth