In support of Lindum

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EDITOR – As a resident of Mablethorpe, I would like to add my wholehearted support to the Lindum plans.

As a resident, I attended a meeting at Sutton on Sea regarding this project and was appalled that local residents from Golf Road attended mob-handed and did not want to hear what was proposed.

They were very narrow-minded and extremely rude. I cannot understand East Lindsey District Council taking notice of this group of people.

What does this say about our council?

The local council always seem to vote against projects that will be good for the area. Are they afraid Mablethorpe may one day actually come up to date with the 21st century?

Maybe they should reconsider, as this would bring very welcome employment to the area, especially for all of our school leavers, who have to leave Mablethorpe to get work and training opportunities.

The tenants of Golf Road and ELDC should also consider that the industrial estate in question is not green belt land, and there will be building on this site eventually whether they like it or not.

I sincerely hope that Lindum appeal and are granted the planning permission they seek to go ahead with this project.


Millfield, Trusthorpe


EDITOR – I am just writing to say I cannot believe the council turned down the Golf Road project.

I live at Sutton on Sea and this affects me also.

The last meeting I went to was very informative: one person got up and said it would spoil Mablethorpe!

People forget that it’s not just for old people, of which I am one. We need young people to keep the place alive and, quite frankly, there is nothing for the younger generation.

The people who sit on the council should get their act together.

The supermarket on the proposed site in the town is madness; the traffic is bad enough now it will be utter chaos.

What Andrew Ferryman said in the December issue was rubbish. I helped to vote him in but he is not looking at the bigger picture.

I know you must get fed up with people moaning but it’s about time Mablethorpe moved with the times and brought some work into the area for the young people and make it better for visitors.


Sutton on sea

EDITOR – YES, YES, the Lindum development must go ahead!

For too long Mablethorpe has been starved of investment.

How the East Lindsey District Council planning committee can turn down £50 million of investment is unbelievable. Do these people live in the real world?

Jobs, housing and hope for the future would come to the youth of Mablethorpe and more shopping competition would be welcomed by all.


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