‘Independents’ should go back to the people

EDITOR – I am appalled to see the article published in the Leader on January 18 ‘Five councillors quit party after dispute’.

The people of Sutton on Sea didn’t vote for ‘independents’ last year. They voted for a team of people who were not party political and who would work together for the good of the people. Independents came last in every ballot in Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea.

I voted for SOS First last year. I couldn’t tell you the names of the people I voted for as I don’t know. I think many residents would say the same.

I wanted to vote for Andrew Ferryman but his name wasn’t on the ballot paper. It is my opinion that these councillors have deceived the electorate.

They should resign the seats they won as Sutton on Sea First candidates and seek re-election as independents.

That will then enable us to replace them with SOS First representatives. After all, that’s what we all voted for!

Let’s see if these councillors have the courage of their convictions and resign.

I very much doubt that they have!


Sutton on Sea

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