Is council concerned or not?

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EDITOR – We learn from the paper that Eastgate car park is to cease from February 6. This means that 42 parking spaces will be lost and there is no alternative provision.

I am most concerned about the repercussions which will arise as a result of this loss.

I am not convinced by the assertion that surveys confirm ‘there is no shortage of parking in the town’. Well, they would say that wouldn’t they! After all, when was the last time any interested party relied on a survey which did not support their argument? I

In any event, surveys are like statistics: you can prove whatever you want with them.

It is interesting to note that ELDC are quoted as saying that they would have wished to continue to run the land as a car park and yet surveys undertaken by the district council are mentioned in relation to there being adequate parking provision.

Are ELDC concerned about the loss of 42 parking spaces or not?

Gordon Pack

Maltby le Marsh