Keep store and traffic out of town

EDITOR – Re: Chris Baker’s letter ‘Long-running store saga’ (Leader, June 8). He has his facts only partly right because he left the group in its early days.

Because of Asda’s unsolicited visit to Mablethorpe to see what response they would get if they were to build a supermarket here, a meeting was held and there was an overwhelming response in favour, hence the Asda group was formed.

The group did everything they could, including getting the petition together and presenting it to the ELDC. People weren’t offered the Tesco option because they were the ASDA Group.

Under the new chairmanship of Ros Hicks, they still tried to get Asda here, but at that time there wasn’t a site big enough for their needs

The group decided at this point to become the Mablethorpe and District Retail Development group. The work done by the Asda group became known as the ASDA Project.

Several superstores were contacted (including Tesco) with the intention of getting them interested in coming to Mablethorpe. They all replied saying they were interested but at that time (June 2010) no suitable sites were available. The group is still active, although there is little they can do at this stage.

If the Golf Road project goes ahead, of course it will bring extra traffic, the very traffic that needs to be kept out of the centre of an already-overcrowded town and away from the primary school.

Golf Road, contrary to Mr Baker’s comments about being narrower, is the same width as the High Street, Seacroft Road, George Street and Victoria Road: 23.50 ft approximately.

As for the RIGHT to park outside their own homes, no-one in this country has that right. What makes him think he has?

The traffic chaos at the Alford Road, Golf Road junction: Golf Road has the biggest funnel for in and out traffic in this town. This is probably due to the long vehicles going to and from the industrial estate which is at the top of Golf Road.

I don’t think he has realised that the station car park and the market bring in revenue which helps to keep our council tax down. If Tesco build there we lose all that and, worst of all, we lose the War Memorial access for Remembrance Day parades. To me this is sacrilege and an insult to the people who died for our freedom. In the 23 years I have lived in this town so much has been lost to us by carelessness, lost opportunities and/or neglect and I feel very strongly that Tesco, Lindum Developments, the town council and East Lindsey District Council should get their heads together to do the very best they can for this town.

What I can’t understand is why Tesco would want to build a small store in the centre of our town, perhaps not even as big as the Co-op, when they have the chance to build a much larger one with much better parking and safety on the Golf Road development which would give the people more choice of goods and better access to the store, plus put the children at the primary school at less risk. Unless, as I have said before, it feels like Tesco are trying to jump the gun with a ploy that will damage this town irreparably if they succeed.

John Mitchell