Keeping Louth ‘special’ will not help the town to survive

EDITOR – I read the letters in the paper every week, and not a week goes by without someone saying that they want Louth to stay the quaint, unspoilt town that they live in.

Most of these letters come from people who have moved here ‘from down south’ for a quiet life, not to be bothered by traffic and, God forbid, a place where competitive prices are.

Louth is a quaint and unspoilt town, but what about the people who have lived here all their lives; we want decent prices here. We don’t want to have to go elsewhere.

We have hardly any decent shops, clothes shops. Oh yes, Peacocks or Mackays both cater for a small proportion.

I notice yet another charity shop has opened. Don’t get me wrong, I am not adverse to a charity shop, but to be honest they are more expensive these days than a lot of leading retail shops.

The supermarkets we have are overpriced because they can afford to be; what competion do they have?

I would love to shop in local shops, ie: the butchers, bakers, greengrocers etc, but I’m afraid even though I work full time I cannot afford to pay their prices so I have to look at bigger cheaper alternatives.

If I go to Grimsby to shop because I need something I am unable to get here, usually clothes, shoes, toys, dvds, well anything remotely worth buying I can see at least a dozen people I know from Louth. Doesn’t that tell us something?

We need to get the shops in to keep our townsfolk from migrating to Grimsby etc on a weekly basis. We need to make Louth more attractive to shoppers and we can do this without losing our appeal.

The quaint shops will not last forever when there are no shoppers left. The rate it’s going Louth is a dying town and will be known for charity shops and a market that is hardly filled any more because everyone is in Grimsby, and a few quaint shops that are struggling to survive.

Miss J Milburn

Mount Olivet, Louth