Ladybirds galore in the summer of ‘76

EDITOR – I well remember the long, hot and dry summer of 1976 and the infestation of ladybirds.

I worked in an arcade at the time and I remember seeing the greenfly and aphids drifting past the doors like green smoke. This went on for at least a couple of days. Then came the ladybirds!

Those of this summer are nothing compared with the 1976 ‘do’.

The seafront was the ‘front line’ and you couldn’t see the shape of the steps: it was like a red slope, so they were settling many inches deep.

If you’d scooped a jar along the steps it would have been full of ladybirds, and that isn’t an exaggeration. The chalet fronts looked as if they’d been painted red, and the air was thick with ladybirds.

The effect was noticed to a lesser degree further inland from the seafront, but there was still a much heavier presence than the one which we experienced this week.

Strangely, though there must have been hundreds of photos taken of this occurence, I have never seen one, even on the internet (when I looked some time ago).


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