Let’s hear the facts, then we can mark plans for academy

EDITOR – I am saddened to see that an online campaign has been launched by a ‘Save Louth Schools’ group.

As a parent of students at one of these schools I have heard nothing of a ‘merger’. The Leader article speaks of anything but.

We don’t yet know what an academy will bring to the Louth area. We have not been given a vision or told of the positives over the current set-up (apart from a newspaper headline article).

Over recent years we have heard of the vulnerability of our smaller secondary schools that Sarah Dodds rightly says are valuable and, because of their size, bring a different dynamic.

But we are constantly being told that because of falling student numbers they are not sustainable in the longer term. No one school can provide all the growing opportunities our students need or deserve.

Let’s congratulate these schools on their commitment to our students and the local community and give them the chance to set out their plans through the due consultation process before we pass our judgement.

David Newlove

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