Let’s log beetle sighting

EDITOR – Regarding ‘a beetling mystery in the bathroom’, the beetle in question is the cockchafer or may-bug (Melolontha melolontha).

They can be seen from May to June, and are attracted to lit windows, which may explain why it was found in the lady’s bathroom!

The larva spend around three years underground until they pupate and emerge as adults – they can be a pest of agriculture, feeding on roots when a larva and leaves and flowers when adult, although rarely do their numbers cause any problems in the UK.

They can be found fairly frequently throughout Lincolnshire, with mass flights occurring every three to four years.

As Lincolnshire County Recorder for Beetles I would be very interested to know the day on which it was found and a more precise location – it can then be added to the county database to help us track species and assess their status within the county.

The Lincolnshire Naturalists’ Union (http://www.lnu.org/) also has recorders for other wildlife as well – for example moths, mammals and fungi – and would be very pleased to hear of any other sightings your readers may encounter!

Records are then shared with the Lincolnshire Environmental Records Centre (a service provided by the Lincolnshire Biodiversity Partnership – http://lincsbiodiversity.org.uk/) which collates, manages and disseminates information relating to wildlife for research, planning and status assesments.

Charlie Barnes

Lincolnshire County Recorder for Beetles (Lincolnshire Naturalists’ Union)