Let’s stop arguing and do what’s the best for our town

EDITOR – I totally agree that all opinions are valid in the debate on the Lindum development and natural that people want to protect their homes.

But what exactly do they want to protect them from? The flooding issue has been around for years and is hopefully being dealt with properly by Anglian Water, even the Environment Agency has given the development their approval.

Do the antis think those of us who are for the development want troublemakers from other towns being put into the social housing element of the housing? That is why we feel the Local Connection Criteria which has been applied to this is so important because we want our people to stay here, and to do this, they need somewhere to live.

The very fears being talked of by the antis are the same fears that anyone feels about the social engineering so often displayed by councils in doing this. Just because you have to pay rent does not mean you do not care about your environment and want the best for your family.

The Mablethorpe Action Group was formed by local people who want the best for our town. We feel this investment will help to bring prosperity to the area and encourage other firms to invest here also. Our first public meeting was held just after our formation and attended by 75 people, not the 50 one reader quoted. We did not expect as many because it was held late in the evening and Tennyson School is quite a distance from the town, but come they did.

We have also collected hundreds of signatures which we will be presenting to ELDC so they know just how much support there is for Lindum.

We made it clear at the beginning of the meeting, as well as on the radio, that it would be a well-ordered meeting with no heckling. We felt that everyone had the right to their opinion and were happy for anyone to attend.

The Lindum development will bring many bonuses in the form of jobs, a training centre, a petrol station, care facilities and a superstore to attract people from surrounding areas as well as those who currently shop in Skegness. People do not just go to a supermarket when a town such as Mablethorpe has so much to offer. We have a beautiful beach, amusement arcades, a variety of shops and good-value restaurants. All of this can be enjoyed before they get their shopping, which is what happens with those of us who shop in Skegness. This is reaffirmed by MASCOT’s (Mablethorpe and Sutton Chamber of Trade) endorsement for Lindum.

Finally, there will be the social and affordable housing which is badly needed here if we want to retain families and young people without whom, to paraphrase Sir Peter Tapsell, we could become a ‘geriatric dormitory’ and who would want that?

To reject the Lindum development over one issue is a bit like ‘spoiling the ship for a ha’porth of tar’.

The Mablethorpe Action Group in support of Lindum Development (MAGLIN) will be holding another public meeting in the near future and encourage everyone, whatever persuasion, to come along and sit down and have a proper discussion over this. We should all want the best for our town and not be fighting eachother.


MAGLIN secretary

Ancaster Road, Mablethorpe