LETTER: A big thank you to our emergency services

I want to say a very Big thank you to the Emergency Services on the 16th March 2015 for acting so promptly and professionally.

They were at the scene in minutes the Paramedics and the First Responders, the Ambulance followed just a few minutes later. I cannot thank you all enough. The care was exceptional.

Also The Lincolnshire Heart Centre which opened in April 2013 at Lincoln Hospital which is providing a gold standard treatment to people suffering a heart attack in Lincolnshire. The Ambulance drives straight into this unit so no having to go through A& E and a team of specialist staff act immediately.

The PPCI (primary percutaneous coronary intervention) procedure involves using a small balloon to restore blood flow to a blocked artery, once unblocked, the artery is kept open by implanting a metal tube called a stent.

When performed as an emergency for a heart attack this is known as a primary angioplasty and is the most effective treatment for patients suffering the 
most severe form of heart attack.

This is making a difference to Lincolnshire people as they are being seen soon and treated quickly and the survival rates from heart attacks are higher than nationally.

I also want to say a Big thank you to the Coronary Care Unit on Johnson Ward for their continued care until discharge.

It is a long way to go to Lincoln Hospital but I am not complaining as my husband is now home and living his life again.

Linda Knowles

By email