LETTER: A blot on the Louth-scape

Over the last few years we have been looking for a nice place to retire, and possibly also our children who can live anywhere with their jobs to join us there with their children.

After a long search we found – and fell in love with – Louth.

A real Town where there was a High Street and smiling people who shop locally and care about their Town…. amazingly as far away as Cornwall ran into someone from Louth who wished they had not moved. Louth isn’t just nice, its attractive to look at and has that feel of a real British Market Town.

Well we may have to look elsewhere having heard about the possibility of a huge Supermarket being built to completely destroy the Town.

Why??? We visited the Co-operative and Morrison’s and that seemed more 
than enough for a town that size.

The idea of an Aldi is good as it does meet the need for lower cost shopping and they are reasonably small but the one planned is quite large– but a large Supermarket – you may as well advertise the whole Town for Sale as nobody will want to live there, and if an “American” can only be one organisation – known here as **** yes four letters and in case you are still wondering, well Tesco is 5 letters and there is only one four 
letter word (yes deliberate pun)

Supermarket in the UK! one which has become famous for deliberately attacking the High Street—that has a terrible International reputation for the way it treats staff --- they even made a film about it! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wal-Mart:_The_High_Cost_of_Low_Price how can anyone think to Blight Louth with this or any other unnecessary “Superstore” ! .

I have seen this in 3 places I have lived, the Supermarket looked a good idea, but it ruined the Town.

I for one will move elsewhere if it looks like this will happen. Perhaps to Ilkley (one Booths Supermarket) or somewhere else that still has a decent High Street and 
no big Supermarket in town like Hebden Bridge (looks they have defeated it there!) !

Come on Louth, get Mary Portas on your side to publicly shame ELDC!

John Taylor

By email