LETTER: A gulf between Labour and Conservatives

I read Paul Fisher’s editorial letter with some dismay, particularly the suggestion that there’s little difference between the main parties other than the colour of their ties. I found that suggestion disappointing and under-informed.

In 2008 we suffered a global financial crisis triggered by problems in the financial sector. The key word there 
is “global”. It wasn’t the fault 
of Gordon Brown’s government, and blame needs to be apportioned where it belongs.

Public satisfaction in the NHS was at an all-time high in 2010(1), at 70%. It fell to 58% in 2011, due to the Tory cuts.

Now we have a crisis in A&E, with 12,345 operations cancelled between 3rd November and 4th January as a result of pressures on the NHS.

When it comes to the library service, funding reached a peak in 2010(2), after the financial crisis hit. In education, there were 6,000 job losses in further education in the first year of the Coalition government(3).

Those are just a few examples, but I could go on and on. These aren’t minor cosmetic tweaks in a few services, they’re a fundamental difference of approach that affects every one of us.

When you contrast Labour’s record with the Tory/Libdem one, what emerges is a vast gulf in the way they approach services and investment in our future.

Labour understands the value of services, and the concept of false economy. The Coalition doesn’t.

Roz Jackson

Louth Eye